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About the tantric healer Kedar Upreti

Kedar Upreti is usually simply called "Upreti"
Kedar Upreti has been learning the ayurvedic & tantric healing arts since the age of six. His father and grandfather were his teachers. They were themselves taught by their fathers and grandfathers and this has happened in the family for seven generations. Kedar Upreti thus represents a lineage of tantric healers which is over 150 years old.

To start learning tantric healing at such a young age is a requirement, because to become a tantric healer is not simply a matter of increasing knowledge. The tantric healing powers, that are potentially present in each of us, take a long time and much disciplined effort to develop. Only a few are able and ready to do this and become true tantric healers.

Kedar Upreti's father moved the family home from a high Himalayan mountain village to Kathmandu, capital of Nepal. So while Upreti is stil very much linked to his ancestral home, he lived most of his life in modern day Kathmandu as a tantric healer, where he started meeting many western patients also.

Through the help of some reknowned western doctors and therapists, Upreti visited the U.S. and Europe to treats patients that were difficult to treat with western medicine. Once or twice a year Upreti makes such a healing tour outside of Nepal, though he always makes it clear that he can do so much more from his ancestral home. This way, more and more patients have been visiting him in Nepal, especially in case special treatments and rituals are needed.

Kedar Upreti also likes to emphasize that while becoming a healer is not so easy, being a healthy person is not so difficult. If diet can be somewhat balanced without going to any extremes, if the body can get some regular excercise, if one respects nature and the spiritual world and if one can do some mantra meditation practice for mental stability and protection, anybody can live a healthy, happy life. He is always ready to advise his patients in these matters also.